Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 103

By Dan Brown

Chapter 103

  • Fache interrogates Teabing. He knows he's guilty, but Teabing is probably trying to set the grounds for pleading insanity.
  • Fache has to admit, Teabing's plot was pretty much genius.
  • Bishop Aringarosa has made a miraculous recovery—woo hoo.
  • He's sad, though, because he's learned that they found Silas's body in the park.
  • When Fache had called Aringarosa to ask him about his apparent connection to the murdered nun in Saint-Sulpice, the bishop had realized that he and Silas were being used, and that things had taken a dramatic turn for the worse.
  • That's when he came clean, confessed everything to Fache, and they'd been working together to catch the Teacher ever since.
  • Aringarosa, seeing Teabing revealed as the Teacher on the news, can see all the ways he'd been manipulated.
  • Fache visits the bishop in the hospital.
  • Aringarosa asks him to divide the contents of his briefcase (you know, the Vatican bonds briefcase) amongst the families of the people Silas killed.
  • They stop talking when Lt. Collet comes on the news. He cleverly insinuates that Fache knew what he'd been doing all along, and whether or not Langdon and Sophie were willing participants in his "ruse", they were innocent, and Fache caught the bad guy in the end.
  • (See? Now everything's all tied up with a pretty little bow.)
  • Fache reveals that he'd gotten Aringarosa's ring back from the pilot, and returns it to him.
  • The bishop is extremely grateful.
  • They both silently bond over their uncertain futures.