Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 104

By Dan Brown

Chapter 104

  • We're magically whisked away to Rosslyn Chapel, just south of Edinburgh, Scotland. It's got all kind of reasons why it's perfect to be the Grail's hiding place.
  • Turns out, the "map" in the cryptex had merely said, "The Holy Grail 'neath ancient Roslin waits." That's easy enough.
  • Langdon feels like this location is a bit too convenient. People have hypothesized that Rosslyn Chapel was the home of the Holy Grail for years, how could they have missed it if it's really there?
  • They enter the chapel, and are both awed by all of the intricate symbols carved into the stonework.
  • Sophie is struck by an odd sense of déjà vu, even though she hadn't even heard of Rosslyn Chapel until that morning.
  • She remembers the Chapel's two distinct stone pillars.
  • A docent asks them if he can help in any way, when Sophie suddenly remembers that there's a code on the ceiling.
  • It all becomes clear. Sophie is remembering when her grandfather had brought her to Rosslyn, shortly after her family's death.
  • Saunière had needed to go do a "big person thing", leaving Sophie laying on the floor of the Chapel, attempting to break the code chiseled into the ceiling that has baffled cryptologists for decades.
  • She'd accidentally fallen asleep.
  • When she awoke, she found her grandfather standing on the porch of a house behind the church, tearfully blowing a kiss to someone inside.
  • He had told her he was sad because he had to say good-bye to a dear friend whom he loved very much, and feared he wouldn't see for a very long time.
  • Meanwhile, Langdon's scanning the walls with the kind docent. He's looking for a blade and chalice, because that's what the second line of verse had told him to do.
  • He's been carrying around the wooden box the cryptex had been cradled in, and the docent recognizes it as identical to his grandmother's jewelry box.
  • Just then, Sophie storms out towards the same old house from her memory. The docent tells Langdon that's where the Chapel curator and head of the Rosslyn trust—his grandmother—lives.
  • The docent had been raised there by his grandmother his entire life.
  • Ooh boy. Langdon has figured out that this nice docent is most likely Sophie's baby brother. Yup. The one she was told had died in a car accident.
  • When Sophie reaches the house, an old woman is inside sobbing, clutching a photograph of Saunière.
  • The woman hears Sophie at the door, and almost immediately recognizes her. They have a tearful reunion.
  • She tells Sophie that her grandfather had wanted to explain things to her for so long. No more secrets. She'll tell her the truth about their family. Finally.
  • The docent runs up to the house, too, and now they both know they have a long-lost sibling. Aww.