Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 105

By Dan Brown

Chapter 105

  • Sophie's newfound grandmother, Marie Chauvel, is talking to Langdon on her front porch.
  • She'd already revealed everything about Sophie's mysterious family, and it turns out the big secret is that Sophie and her brother represent the most direct surviving royal bloodline.
  • When their parents were killed in the car crash, Saunière and Chauvel had no idea whether it was actually an accident, so they split up the family in order to protect the children, and she and the baby went underground.
  • Chauvel wants to return the cryptex to the bank, if only so that their old friend Vernet could finally relax.
  • She reassures Langdon that the Priory will survive this crisis, as it has in the past.
  • She also tells him that the Priory are of the collective opinion that the Grail should never be revealed to the world.
  • And yet, she encourages Langdon to finish and publish his manuscript about the sacred feminine. Argh, this lady is confusing.
  • But now Langdon is just obsessing over finding the Grail, because Sauniére's final verse clearly indicated that it was at Rosslyn.
  • Chauvel shows him the blade and chalice symbols he was looking for, right in the floor of the chapel, in the Star of David path worn into the stone by countless tourists' feet.
  • Then she tells him there's no way the Grail's actually there. It's resting safely in France, and he'll never know where it is.
  • Langdon's frustrated now. Chauvel tries to explain that Langdon might be misinterpreting the final verse clue.
  • Sophie interrupts and takes Langdon on a short walk. She wants him to stay there for a few days, with her, but he insists that she needs the time to reconnect with her family.
  • Langdon awkwardly tries to say goodbye (he's headed to Paris first thing in the morning), but they agree to see each other soon. In Florence. Romantically.
  • They kiss.