Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 16

By Dan Brown

Chapter 16

  • Sophie's reflecting on everything that's happening—like whether she's playing it right by cornering Langdon—and processing her grandfather's sudden death.
  • Ten years ago she saw her grandfather do something so awful they hadn't spoken since.
  • Saunière hadn't given up on her, though. She has about a decade of unopened correspondence from him.
  • He'd obeyed her demand to never call her or attempt to see her for ten years, but that afternoon he'd called to tell her that he thought they were both in danger.
  • He apologized for keeping things from her, but now she must know the truth about her family—her parents, grandmother, and little brother who had died when she was four in a tragic car accident.
  • He'd begged her to call him at the Louvre, because time had run out.
  • At the time, Sophie had thought her grandfather was trying to use information about her family as bait.
  • Now, she thinks there really is a danger—and his message was definitely written for her.
  • Saunière was a code and puzzle fanatic, and he'd raised her to be one, too (hence the career in cryptography).
  • Sophie just can't understand why her grandfather insisted on involving Langdon.
  • She decides that, her grandfather being no fool, Langdon must be the key to her solving the code.
  • Sophie proposes that Langdon run to the U.S. Embassy, where he can avoid the prolonged jail time, and his government can protect his rights while they find a way to prove his innocence.
  • Sophie needs him to accept this plan, or else Fache's going to get his way and convict an innocent man, and she'll be no closer to breaking her grandfather's code.