Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 17

By Dan Brown

Chapter 17

  • You get ten points if you can guess the emotion Fache is displaying after finding out that cryptology didn't actually send Agent Neveu. Yup, he's mad.
  • He also just found out that Saunière was Sophie's grandfather.
  • Collet's equally speechless. He's also pretty close to putting everything together; that Saunière was possibly trying to communicate with is granddaughter by including the Fibonacci sequence.
  • But then an alarm goes off in the museum, triggered by Langdon breaking the window in the men's room.
  • Collet is panicked as he watches the red dot representing Langdon move out towards the window ledge (the bathroom is far too high to jump from, especially because he'd land right on a heavily trafficked street).
  • Captain Fache pulls his gun and starts running towards the bathroom.
  • Collet curses as he watches the red dot fly out the window and land in the middle of Place du Carrousel.