Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 18

By Dan Brown

Chapter 18

  • Collet radios Fache to tell him he thinks Langdon just committed suicide by jumping out the window.
  • Then he radios to report that now he's moving, so he must be alive, and in a car.
  • Fache looks out the same window from which he jumped, and sees a large delivery truck that must have been stopped under the window at a red light only moments before.
  • Collet immediately pulls his men from the Louvre perimeter to follow that truck.
  • Fache calls for his car. He wants to be there when they get the truck. And he's satisfied, because Langdon has just confirmed his guilt by running. Case closed.
  • But trick's on Fache: Langdon and Sophie never left the Louvre. They're hiding in the dark Grand Gallery.
  • Sophie'd pressed Langdon's tracking dot into a bar of soap, smashed the window with the garbage can, and then thrown the soap onto the tarp of the truck stopped below them.
  • Langdon decides that Sophie is way smarter than he is, so he's okay with her calling the shots.