Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 19

By Dan Brown

Chapter 19

  • The Church of Saint-Sulpice is known for its eccentric history. It was built over the ruins of an ancient temple to the Egyptian goddess Isis, and was also known to be a clandestine meeting hall for numerous secret societies over the years.
  • Sister Sandrine is uneasily leading Silas through the church, which is weird because it's so much more interesting in daylight.
  • Silas is just wishing the Sister would leave him alone. He vowed not to use force unless absolutely necessary, so now he's trying to sweet-talk her into leaving.
  • He tells Sister Sandrine he wishes to pray, and that she should most definitely go back to bed. She grants his request….at least as far as Silas knows.
  • She's actually hiding in the choir balcony, watching him suspiciously, and wondering if she'll have to carry out the orders she's held for many years.