Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 21

By Dan Brown

Chapter 21

  • Sophie's kicking herself for missing the anagram, especially knowing her grandfather's fondness of them.
  • Despite their immediate danger, Sophie can't help but want to check out the Mona Lisa in case her grandfather left her another message there.
  • Sophie flashes back to when Saunière had taken her to see the Mona Lisa for the first time, when she was six.
  • Like most six year olds, she was unimpressed, although her grandfather tried to get her to see the beauty of the enigmatic painting.
  • Langdon wants to accompany Sophie to the Mona Lisa, but she insists he go on to the Embassy before police return to the museum.
  • He's almost to the exit before he's struck by the initials "P.S." in Saunière's message. Suddenly everything makes sense—and he realizes he has to accompany Sophie on her mission.