Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 22

By Dan Brown

Chapter 22

  • Silas's pretending to pray while looking for the objects his victims told him would hide the location of the keystone.
  • There's a brass strip running along the floor that delineates the Rose Line, a marker that shows the longitudinal axis that used to be considered the prime meridian (or zero longitude: now it resides in Greenwich, England).
  • The line ends at the peak of an Egyptian obelisk.
  • The Teacher told Silas that it laid beneath the Sign of the Rose, so he must be in the right place.
  • Meanwhile, Aringarosa's plane lands in Rome, and he's psyched to finally be on the offensive side of the battle.
  • It seems that Divine Intervention has given him the solution to the problem plaguing the Faith, and now everything's going to be a-okay.