Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 3

By Dan Brown

Chapter 3

  • Robert Langdon's speeding towards the Louvre with Lt. Collet after a quick shower n' shave.
  • He can't help but feel sad that Saunière's dead. He really respected the man's work, and had been looking forward to finally meeting him. Now he's about to meet his corpse. #bummer.
  • As they zoom past the Eiffel Tower, Langdon's reminded about his failed relationship with Vittoria. They were supposed to meet every six months at romantic spots around the world, but he'd last seen her in an airport over a year ago.
  • He's also reminded about penises, as the Eiffel Tower is basically a "thousand-foot phallus". (He's a symbologist, remember?)
  • When they get to the Louvre, Collet asks if Langdon likes the massive glass pyramid that serves as the new entry to the museum.
  • This is a loaded question: if you're American and say yes, then you're tasteless. If you say you don't like it, then you're insulting the French. Langdon dodges the question.
  • Collet drops him off at the entry, so Langdon proceeds into the Louvre to meet Bezu Fache, the DCPJ Captain also known as "the Bull".