Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 41

By Dan Brown

Chapter 41

  • Back to Aringarosa, who's still approaching Castel Gandolfo.
  • He's ushered up to the library, where a group of men sit in the shadows to address him. That's, um, normal, right?
  • The men are the Secretariat Vaticana, and two high-ranking Italian cardinals.
  • They get right down to business: they're happy with how expediently Aringarosa's taken care of things.
  • He's happy they have a ton o' money (well, large-denomination bearer bonds drawn on the Vatican Bank) in a briefcase for him.
  • Turns out it was the Teacher's idea to have their reward be in bonds traceable to the Vatican. That way they can be held liable, as well.
  • The church guys are uncomfortable with this arrangement.
  • They are eager to have Aringarosa sign a document, however, and then when that's done, Aringarosa's outta there.