Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 45

By Dan Brown

Chapter 45

  • Vernet returns to the vault to tell them that the police have blocked all exits when he sees that they'd accessed Sauniére's account after all. That changes everything. Now he has to help them escape.
  • He tells Sophie to wrap the item in her jacket, and they all hurry out of the vault.
  • Vernet stashes Sophie and Langdon in the back of an armored truck parked in a rear loading dock. He then grabs a driver's uniform, a shoulder holster, and a pistol, and decks himself out.
  • As he pulls out of the second security gate, a cop stops the truck. It's Collet.
  • Vernet pretends to be a lowly truck driver. When Collet demands he open the back, Vernet explains that he can't—he isn't even trusted with keys to the cargo. Just ignition, man.
  • According to procedure, he continues, this truck has probably been sealed up for hours.
  • Just as Vernet asks to get going, Collet notices his fancy Rolex watch. Ruh-roh.
  • Vernet offers to sell it to him for forty euro (pretending it's a really good knock-off).
  • Collet lets him pass.
  • Now Vernet just needs to figure out where to take his fugitives.