Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 51

By Dan Brown

Chapter 51

  • As they drive away in their heavily damaged armored truck (Langdon hit a tree as he peeled away from Vernet), Sophie wonders if Vernet was really trying to be loyal, or just wanted the Grail for himself.
  • This brings up a good question: who can be trusted? The Priory's obviously compromised, so they can't very well bring them the keystone.
  • Langdon realizes they need help from an expert on the Priory and the Holy Grail, but one from outside its ranks.
  • And he knows just the dude: Leigh Teabing.
  • Sophie is dubious of Langdon's plan. She's not sure they can trust Teabing not to turn them in, or worse: steal the keystone and try to find the Grail himself.
  • Langdon thinks Teabing can be trusted, and will be mostly motivated by their valuable information on a subject he's obsessed over for years.
  • Plus, he owes Robert a favor. (Langdon served as a corroborative expert on Teabing's controversial BBC documentary about the alternative Grail theory.)
  • At least money's not a factor: Teabing's loaded. Plus, he has some healthy animosity towards French authorities, so he should be willing to bite his thumb at any of Fache's attempts to capture Langdon and Sophie.
  • Sophie thinks Teabing's attempts to disclose the truth about the Holy Grail might present a conflict of interest to that of the Priory.
  • Langdon solves that by deciding Teabing doesn't need to know the full story…or that they're in possession of the keystone.
  • Sophie finally relents. Langdon's excited for Teabing to tell her all about the alternative Grail theory.
  • He is a freakin' knight, after all.