Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 60

By Dan Brown

Chapter 60

  • Back to the stunned Sophie and her two instructors.
  • The Grail hasn't exactly been a secret. Teabing shows her a bunch of books that talk about how Mary was really the Holy Grail.
  • Because she posed such a threat to the Church, Mary Magdalene gained a bunch of pseudonyms, including the Rose.
  • (The rose's symbolism gets discussed at length. These two men can be exhausting with their love of academia.)
  • Anyway, Mary was pregnant when Christ was crucified, so she was forced to flee to France (then known as Gaul) for her and her child's safety.
  • She found refuge with the Jews there, and gave birth to a daughter, Sarah.
  • Because she and her daughter were royalty to the Jews, they chronicled their lives prodigiously, and their subsequent family tree is amongst the documents contained in the Holy Grail archives.
  • Those Holy Grail documents are suspected to also include pre-Constantine documents about Christ's works, and a "Q" document, that might have even been written by Jesus himself, and a diary written by Mary Magdalene.
  • If you're confused, then so is Sophie. If Mary is the Holy Grail, why are the documents referred to with the same name?
  • Oh. Because Mary's buried in a tomb with the documents. They're now one and the same. Ah ha.
  • There's more. The Priory not only defends the secret of the location of the Holy Grail, but also the bloodline of Christ itself.
  • In the fifth century, one of His direct descendants married into French royal blood, creating a lineage known as the Merovingian bloodline.
  • The Merovingian family's pretty well-known in France, because they founded Paris.
  • One of those descendants, Godefroi de Bouillon, is the guy who founded the Priory, and ordered the Knights Templar to recover the Sangreal documents.
  • So. Teabing sums it up like this: The Priory have three jobs:
  • 1: Protect the Sangreal documents.
  • 2: Protect the tomb of Mary Magdalene.
  • 3: Nurture and protect the bloodline of Christ.
  • Sophie gets the chills. Her grandfather needed to tell her the truth about her family. He called her "Princess Sophie". Could she be one of the Merovingian survivors?
  • RĂ©my rudely interrupts via intercom, requiring Teabing to meet him without Langdon and Sophie.