Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 62

By Dan Brown

Chapter 62

  • Teabing's wisely trying to kick Langdon and Sophie out of his home, so they bring up the keystone. That changes everything.
  • Unfortunately, though, when Teabing opened his doors to usher them out, he allows Silas to overhear that they know where the keystone is. Silas'll give them five minutes before he busts in.
  • Meanwhile, Sophie and Langdon are filling Teabing in on everything. He's incredulous that all four sénéchaux could have been killed on the same day.
  • The shocked Teabing immediately assumes the Church is behind this plot to destroy the Priory.
  • Sophie and Langdon have a hard time believing the Church would be capable of such a plot.
  • But, when Teabing tells them that perhaps the Church had discovered the Priory were about to reveal their Sangreal documents and it could've been enough to push them past reason, they see his point.
  • Teabing also has astrological prophecy to back up his claims (the age of Pisces versus the new Age of Aquarius).
  • (Ha. Try getting that song out of your head now.)
  • Oh. So, apparently the "end of days" that we always hear about refers to the end of the Age of Pisces, not the apocalypse.
  • So when the millennium turned in the year 2000, the end of days was upon us. Get it?
  • Teabing's utterly convinced that the Church is actively seeking to destroy the Holy Grail.
  • So Sophie shows him her key.
  • When Teabing freaks out about the keystone, they finally reveal that it's hidden under his couch.
  • Silas is still crouched outside.
  • The Teacher has instructed him to retrieve the keystone without hurting anyone…but when he creeps into the house he takes the safety off his pistol anyways.