Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 65

By Dan Brown

Chapter 65

  • Now that Silas's holding them all at gunpoint, Sophie thinks Teabing's theory about the Church might actually hold water.
  • Silas demands that Teabing hand him the keystone. Teabing delays and plays up his handicap.
  • Teabing's a clever sonuvagun. He pretends to fall, but whacks Silas right in the cilice with his metal crutch.
  • Silas gets off one wild round from the pistol before Sophie kicks him into unconsciousness.
  • Outside, Collet hears the gunshot, and decides that's his cue. He can't wait for Fache any longer.
  • When Langdon painfully comes back to alertness he thinks he's hallucinating the gigantic, bound and bleeding, Albino monk.
  • Teabing is pretty proud of how he brought the monk down.
  • Once things calm down a bit, Sophie notices what Langdon had done with the box, but before he can show them they become aware that the cops are coming in fast.