Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 7

By Dan Brown

Chapter 7

  • Sister Sandrine's been in charge of all the non-religious aspects of church operations at Saint-Sulpice for over a decade.
  • She gets woken late at night by a phone call from the abbĂ©, who's asking her to grant a favor to a visiting Opus Dei numerary who apparently can't wait until morning for a tour of the church. Bishop Aringarosa requested the favor himself, so she has no choice but to accept.
  • Sister Sandrine's suspicious of the Opus Dei organization, knowing that their good favor from the Pope was undoubtedly due to a well-timed donation of one billion dollars, bailing out the Vatican Bank from an "embarrassing" bankruptcy.
  • She especially finds this request odd, because the Church of Saint-Sulpice is known for it's unique qualities that are only apparent in the daylight.
  • She agrees to meet the numerary at one a.m., with an uneasy feeling about the whole thing.
  • Call it women's intuition, but this whole plan smells fishy.