Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 70

By Dan Brown

Chapter 70

  • Collet's in deep doo-doo. Fache finally got to Chateau Villette, and he's not happy that Collet disobeyed direct orders and let Langdon and Sophie escape for a second (third?) time.
  • They receive news that Vernet (the stuffy turncoat from the bank) has reached out to Fache to change his story—but he'll only talk to Fache.
  • His reason for cooperating is that he wants them to help retrieve some stolen property. Hmm, methinks perhaps he wants the keystone?
  • The police figure out that the fugitives had called the airfield and most likely had hopped onto a private jet.
  • Fache goes off to lean on the airport authorities to get more information.