Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 77

By Dan Brown

Chapter 77

  • Teabing explains that in the Hebrew alphabet (which is what the Atbash Cipher uses), you don't write the vowel sounds. If you take away the vowels in Baphomet, you are left with five letters. Ta-da!
  • When you apply the Atbash Cipher, the letters you get are Sh-V-P-Y-A. (Remember: according to the verses the cipher should reveal a word of wisdom.)
  • We're not familiar with ShVPYA. We must not be that wise.
  • Basically, for those unfamiliar with the Hebrew language, it spells out Sofia.
  • Which, in ancient Greek, means wisdom. Oh, and it just so happens to be the name of one of our protagonists. No biggie.