Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 79

By Dan Brown

Chapter 79

  • Collet is still at Teabing's Chateau sifting through evidence.
  • It's all so strange, and seemingly disconnected. Collet wonders if they'll ever make sense of it.
  • He speaks with the chief PTS examiner to ascertain whether he's found anything important.
  • The guy "bags n' tags" anything peculiar—which in this case includes a photo of a Gothic cathedral with Teabing's notes comparing it to a woman's anatomy…along with a document mysteriously titled "Les Dossiers Secrets – Number 4° lm1 249."
  • This document is a list of the Grand Masters of the Prieuré de Sion, going up to a man named Jean Cocteau, whose reign (apparently) lasted from 1918-1963.
  • Collet can't really make sense of it all.
  • He gets interrupted by a call from Monsieur Vernet, who's anxiously awaiting a call from Fache.
  • When Vernet learns Collet's name, he politely hangs up.
  • Now Collet thinks Vernet is involved in this whole thing, so he calls Interpol and requests every shred of info they've got on his man Vernet.