Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 80

By Dan Brown

Chapter 80

  • As they start to land, Teabing feels like he's returning to England victorious. He unlocks a secret wall panel and gets out his and Rémy's passports, along with a wad of cash to serve as Langdon and Sophie's "documentation".
  • Teabing is relying on his reputation and charm, (ok—and a hefty bribe) to get them through customs.
  • Rémy's supposed to stay behind and watch over their captive. Langdon and Sophie don't think this is wise, but Teabing insists.
  • The pilot calls back to tell them the tower just radioed with some vague instructions to land at the terminal instead of Teabing's private hangar.
  • Our wise refugees are pretty skeptical.
  • They all debate what they should do about the new problem. Teabing hobbles towards the cockpit—he's got some kind of a plan.