Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 81

By Dan Brown

Chapter 81

  • The Executive Services Officer at Biggin Hill Airport, Simon Edwards, is not pleased that the French are forcing him to help arrest one of his most lucrative clients.
  • The plan is for the British armed response team to surround the plane after it's landed, and then wait for the French authorities to arrive.
  • Unfortunately, though, the plane doesn't stick to the plan. Instead of heading for the terminal as requested, it lands and quickly proceeds to Teabing's regular hangar.
  • The cops race over to the plane as it parks in the hangar, and Teabing calmly emerges, acting bewildered about the police presence.
  • They ask him to remain on the plane until French authorities arrive, but Teabing politely refuses, citing his imminent doctor's appointment.
  • Teabing verbally bulldozes any attempts to keep him on the plane, despite the police's efforts.
  • The Kent chief inspector is sick of wealthy men acting like they're above the law, so he goes on board the plane—despite his lack of warrant and threats from Teabing.
  • …But he finds nothing. The plane is totally empty.
  • Teabing smugly lets Rémy escort him into his stretch limousine.
  • As he leaves the airport, we learn that Langdon and Sophie and Silas are all crouched in back on the floor of the limo.
  • They had escaped the plane halfway through its 180-degree turn in the hangar, moments before the police surrounded it.
  • On to the next step: finding the knight's tomb.