Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 83

By Dan Brown

Chapter 83

  • When our fearsome threesome get to the Temple Church, it's not yet open to the public.
  • But crafty Teabing has a plan.
  • Teabing demands entry, and tells the poor altar boy that he's escorting Sir Christopher Wren and his wife as they do their annual scattering of Sir Christopher Wren's ashes in the sanctuary.
  • The altar boy figures he'd be in more trouble for not letting them in, than just letting them do their thing, so he goes back to vacuuming.
  • Langdon is really impressed with Teabing's acting/lying skills.
  • As they walk through the church Teabing gives them abbreviated history lessons about the Templars who built it.
  • When they enter circular main chamber, Langdon can see the ten knights' tombs lying prone on the floor along the wall.