Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 84

By Dan Brown

Chapter 84

  • While Langdon, Teabing, and Sophie explore the church, Rémy is making himself at home in the limo.
  • He's up to something. Rémy frees Silas from his bonds, and offers him a drink. (Huh?)
  • Rémy confesses that he works for the Teacher, too. The Teacher knew that Langdon would bring the keystone to Teabing—which is why he'd reached out to Rémy in the first place.
  • Rémy's been spying for the Teacher all along, and that's how the Teacher knows so much about the Grail.
  • Meanwhile, back at the airfield, Fache is knocking heads together. He interrogates the pilot, who confesses everything about his extra passengers, as well as the fact that they'd left something important behind in the plane's safe.
  • Bishop Aringarosa calls Fache on his cell to tell him he'll be there in an hour.
  • He's upset that Fache didn't manage to rescue Silas from his captors.
  • Ooh, this is ominous. Fache reminds Aringarosa that he's not the only man "on the verge of losing everything."
  • Dum dum dumm.