Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 86

By Dan Brown

Chapter 86

  • Silas sneaks up behind Sophie and grabs her, holding his gun against her back.
  • Rémy'd instructed him to get the keystone without killing anyone, so that's what he'll try to do.
  • Langdon, who's holding the keystone, tries to reason with Silas and get him to let Sophie and Teabing to leave unharmed.
  • Langdon uses the cryptex as leverage, threatening to smash it if Silas doesn't do as he asks.
  • Rémy's anxiously watching from the shadows, anticipating that Silas is going to mess everything up.
  • He can't let that happen—he's been spying on Teabing for over a year, and he had been promised (by the Teacher) a life of luxury after they completed their task.
  • He can't just intervene, though—the Teacher had implicitly instructed him not to show his face.
  • Ooh, and Rémy is the only one who knows the Teacher's identity.
  • The Teacher has known all along that the tomb they are seeking isn't in the Temple Church.
  • Rémy doesn't care about finding the Grail. All he cares about is his reward of 1/3 of twenty million euro.
  • Rémy's desperate, so he says to hell with the Teacher's instructions…he steps out of the shadows and aims his gun right at Teabing's head.
  • Everyone's confused by this turn of events.
  • Except for Rémy. He's been listening to everything this whole time, knows how to open the keystone, and where to look next.
  • Langdon continues to threaten to throw the keystone down to the ground.
  • After Rémy fires a warning shot into the ceiling, Langdon reluctantly lets Silas take the Keystone.
  • Satisfied, Rémy takes Teabing hostage, as he may still prove useful.