Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 88

By Dan Brown

Chapter 88

  • Langdon and Sophie are dashing through the London Underground, trying to think of how they can help Teabing.
  • Sophie uses a pay phone (this book is old) to call the cops, even though Rémy told them not to.
  • So, Sophie's focusing on slowing Rémy down in his search for the Grail, while Langdon's job is to find the right tomb.
  • Langdon's plan is to go to King's College, which has an infamously awesome electronic theological database.
  • As Sophie tries to report Teabing's kidnapping, the dispatcher actually passes her call through directly to Captain Fache.
  • Surprisingly (seriously, can someone come over and help us pick our jaws up off the floor?), Fache admits he was totally wrong.
  • Langdon's cleared of all charges. But he tells them they're still in danger, and need to come in to London police HQ for refuge.
  • Sophie doesn't trust Fache (understandably), but he explains that he's trying to save his career.
  • She tells him he's looking for Rémy Legaludec, and then hangs up on him in order to catch the oncoming train.