Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 91

By Dan Brown

Chapter 91

  • Rémy binds and gags Teabing and puts him in the back of the limo, then raises the soundproof partition.
  • Sitting in the passenger seat, Silas gets a call from the Teacher.
  • The Teacher tells Silas that he wants Rémy to bring him the keystone, because he disobeyed orders and needs to be dealt with.
  • He instructs Silas to go to the local Opus Dei residence to hide out, immediately.
  • Rèmy takes the phone, and he's pretty smug about the fact that he knows more than Silas does—like the fact that Aringarosa has just been an eager pawn this whole time.
  • The Teacher instructs Rèmy to drop Silas off and then drive to a nearby park, where they can meet to talk.