Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 94

By Dan Brown

Chapter 94

  • The Teacher meets Rémy at a conveniently deserted park, and offers him a toast of cognac to celebrate their success.
  • Rémy doesn't even care that the cognac tastes salty. (Wait…is cognac supposed to taste salty?)
  • He immediately feels ill.
  • The Teacher calmly tells him that he's still the only one who knows his identity…
  • Uh oh. Rémy's being murdered. His throat is rapidly closing up, and he's panicked.
  • Now he knows why the cognac was salty—peanuts. He's deadly allergic to peanuts.
  • Welp. Rémy's dead. That Teacher is one cool customer.
  • The Teacher is surprised at how little remorse he has about killing Rémy. He's actually quite pleased with himself, because that Frenchman was the only one who could've tied him to the whole affair.
  • The Teacher is on his way to the correct knight's tomb with the cryptex. He knew where to go immediately, thanks to his surveillance of Saunière, who mentioned this knight on the regular.
  • There might be a problem with the whole "missing orb" aspect, but he'll figure that out when he gets there.
  • Meanwhile, Aringarosa lands at Biggin Hill Airport, where he's met by an officer who's to escort him safely to Scotland Yard.
  • While in the car, he hears over the radio that police are headed to the Opus Dei Centre in London, and he knows that they must be after Silas. He redirects his driver at once.