Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 95

By Dan Brown

Chapter 95

  • Back at the religious super-computer, Langdon's anxiously awaiting a search result that seems relevant to their needs.
  • Each result compels Langdon share some kind of scholarly factoid, like the fact that Tarot cards were actually a metaphor for the story of the Lost Bride, and our modern playing cards were derived from all the Grail symbols.
  • Then they get a hit titled The Gravity of Genius: Biography of a Modern Knight. While Gettum and Sophie are quick to dismiss it, when Langdon reads the hypertext of the article a light bulb goes off: "…honorable knight, Sir Isaac Newton… in London in 1727 and… his tomb in Westminster Abbey … Alexander Pope, friend and colleague…"
  • Eureka! Not a catholic Pope, A. Pope. Alexander Pope. Geez, Saunière was a genius.