Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 97

By Dan Brown

Chapter 97

  • Langdon and Sophie enter Westminster Chapel, where Isaac Newton's buried.
  • They're both pretty apprehensive about how empty the place seems. They were hoping for more tourists to ensure their safety.
  • They decide to seek out a docent to help them find Newton's tomb, because there are gazillions of them, and it's a really easy place to get lost.
  • The Teacher is already at Newton's tomb, and he can't figure out the missing orb problem—especially because there's clearly a massive orb right on the pyramid that Newton's sculpture is leaning against. (See for yourself.)
  • The orb itself depicts stars, planets, comets…lots and lots of orbs. How is he supposed to know which one's missing?
  • As he's looking around, he notices Langdon and Sophie, and fingers the gun in his pocket.
  • He'd gotten through the metal detectors at the entrance by flashing his official rank. (Ooh, that's a hint about his identity. What kind of rank?)
  • He decides to pick their brains about the missing orb, so he comes up with a plan to lure them somewhere more…private.