Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Chapter 98

By Dan Brown

Chapter 98

  • Sophie and Langdon reach Newton's seemingly deserted tomb, and are also dismayed to see the prevalence of many orbs.
  • They discuss possibilities of symbolism associated with the last line, "it speaks of Rosy flesh and seeded womb."
  • Langdon's irritated, because he knows when they discover the answer it will have been painfully obvious all along.
  • Sophie suddenly sees a note scribbled in charcoal on the tomb, saying the person has Teabing, and they have to meet in the public garden through the Chapter House.
  • They recognize that this could be a trap, but they go because they owe it to Teabing.
  • They run down narrow hallways towards the south exit, only to realize that the place the Teacher has instructed them to go is closed for renovations.
  • That's not good.
  • They enter the vacant Chapter House, a vast octagonal building, only to realize there's only one door.
  • That door closes behind them, and they turn to see Teabing, aiming his revolver at them.
  • Whaaaaaa—