Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Epilogue

By Dan Brown


  • Robert Langdon wakes up in his Paris hotel room. He was just struck by an incredible thought…
  • He walks outside and excitedly finds a line demarked with bronze medallions.
  • He follows this line—ooh, it's Paris's ancient Rose Line—all the way to the Louvre Pyramid.
  • He goes to the spot where he can stand above the inverted pyramid of glass and looks down into the Louvre's entresol.
  • Langdon is psyched.
  • He quickly goes into the Louvre to check out the tiny structure that rests below the point of the inverted pyramid.
  • The inverted pyramid is a chalice.
  • Below it is a tiny pyramid—or a blade, if you will.
  • So. Langdon believes that the Holy Grail has been at the Louvre, under Saunière's protection, this whole time.