Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Family

By Dan Brown


Family plays a pretty important role in Da Vinci Code. Not only does the Holy Grail turn out to reveal a holy/royal bloodline (which could in turn threaten all of the Catholic Church's power and divine authority) but that same bloodline ends up revealing the sinister truth behind Sophie's family's sudden death.

So, Sophie's unspoken quest to discover the truth about her family becomes inextricably intertwined with that of the Holy Grail. Thus, at the end of the book, as Sophie is nestled within the bosom of her rediscovered family, Langdon is able to finally find the Holy Grail. Pretty sweet, actually.

Questions About Family

  1. How does Sophie know that there's a secret about her family? What clues did she have throughout her childhood?
  2. Why did Saunière wait so long to decide to tell Sophie the truth about her family?
  3. Does Sophie's bloodline still make her a threat to the Catholic Church? Or a threat to anyone?
  4. Why is the idea of a family so important to Sophie?

Chew on This

Saunière should have told Sophie the truth about her family long before their estrangement. It would have solved a lot of problems.

Saunière had to keep the truth about Sophie's family a secret in order to protect the Holy Grail. Telling her would've made her a liability.