Study Guide

The Da Vinci Code Religion

By Dan Brown


Religion's a touchy subject in Da Vinci Code. While Langdon feels a particular fondness for those in the Vatican (thanks to his escapades in Angels & Demons), Teabing is a rabid advocate for turning the Catholic Church on its head—hence his desire to reveal the Holy Grail to the world at Christianity's expense. Sophie is like a blank slate, neutral ground for the two academics to try and convert over to their side.

So, we're treated to several debates about the relevance of the Catholic Church, and all of their dastardly deeds to gain power throughout history. Whatever your beliefs, we think all of these discussions should be taken with a grain of salt. Or a pillar of salt. (Bible Joke!)

Questions About Religion

  1. Does Sophie have an allegiance to any particular faith? What influenced her take on the matter?
  2. Who is more radical in their religious beliefs, Teabing or Bishop Aringarosa? Why?
  3. What makes Silas so religious?
  4. Overall, what do you think Dan Brown's opinion on religion is? Is it important to understanding our story?