Study Guide

Farmer Dawson in The Dark Is Rising

By Susan Cooper

Farmer Dawson

Farmer Dawson isn't just Will's neighbor; he's the guy who gives our main man his first Sign. Of course, Will doesn't exactly know it's a Sign at the time—in fact, Will is a little confused by what's happening:

He looked at Will, and Will looked back in growing alarm into the weathered face, the bright dark eyes creased narrow by decades of peering into sun and rain and wind. He had never noticed before how dark Farmer Dawson's eyes were: strange, in their blue-eyed county. (1.47)

Sure, Will has a birthday coming up, but he doesn't know why Farmer Dawson wants to give him some cryptic gift. It's not long before Will learns the truth about who he is, though, and since Farmer Dawson is also an Old One, he helps Will out with little tips and messages from their posse. Thanks, neighbor.