Study Guide

The Day of the Locust Chapter 19

By Nathanael West

Chapter 19

  • Tod returns to his office to find Faye waiting. She happily announces that she's quit the whorehouse and now lives with Homer Simpson.
  • But the relationship is completely platonic, Faye assures Tod. Homer is simply providing assistance for her career as an actress, assistance that Faye will pay back (with interest) once she becomes successful.
  • Tod visits Faye and Homer for dinner. Although he's pretty jealous, he doesn't get too upset, because he has a great deal of affection for the "humble, grateful" Homer (19.15).
  • Tod and Homer are chilling outside when a woman approaches, shouting incomprehensibly. After chatting with her, they realize that she's looking for her kid, Adore.
  • Adore is a wee little actor, and this lady (Mrs. Loomis) seems like a classic stage-mom. She proceeds to talk about her raw food diet as if it were the word of God.
  • Suddenly, Adore appears "from around the corner of the garage" (19.82). Mrs. Loomis, relieved, praises Adore's manners while the kid is simultaneously making faces at Tod.
  • Seeing this, Mrs. Loomis makes Adore sing a song. It's weird. After he's finished, the kid runs off with his mom close behind.
  • Finally, Faye, Homer, and Tod go the movies. This experience proves to be too much for the lovesick Tod, prompting him to leave early and promise to never think of Faye again.
  • Tod's plan works pretty well, actually. He spends his time either painting or going to church, presumably to get more inspiration for his paintings.