Study Guide

The Day of the Locust Chapter 2

By Nathanael West

Chapter 2

  • Tod lives in a modest apartment building called San Bernardino Arms. He walks up to his third floor apartment but pauses on the second floor because someone named Faye Greener lives there.
  • There's a promotional card stuck in Tod's door from Honest Abe Kusich with an incomprehensible message scribbled on the back. Because this is making so much sense so far.
  • Tod actually knows Abeā€”sometimes he even paints him, as he does Faye and her father Harry.
  • Tod met Abe when he was living in a hotel called "the Chateau Mirabella" (2.13). Returning home one day, he stumbled across a mess of blankets in the hallway that he assumed to be covering a small dog.
  • The blankets were actually covering a dwarf. An angry, mostly naked dwarf, no less. This dwarf had apparently been kicked out of his lady's apartment while still in his birthday suit.
  • Tod knocked on the woman's door and managed to get Abe's clothes. Abe was off-putting and hostile, but Tod eventually learned that this was just the guy's personality.
  • Tod and Abe ran into each other a few days later, and Tod told Abe that he was looking for a new place. Abe demanded that Tod move into his apartment complex: San Bernardino Arms.
  • Though hesitant, Tod signed on the dotted line as soon as "he saw Faye Greener in the hall" (2.83).