Study Guide

The Day of the Locust Chapter 26

By Nathanael West

Chapter 26

  • Before getting food, Tod stops by the saddlery store to find out what happened to Earle. Earle's coworkers reveal that he had been there an hour earlier and told them about the fight, though he claimed it was about "dough" (26.24).
  • So Tod still doesn't know what happened to Faye. Still, he isn't worried; he's somehow convinced that this seventeen-year-old girl can weather any storm.
  • Tod arrives at a restaurant and orders food. The waiter is pushy and irritating, so Tod keeps sending him away.
  • Still upset, Tod angrily imagines what it would feel like to attack and rape Faye. Oh, man...
  • Tod imagines "lurking in the dark in a vacant lot" (26.37). He sees Faye getting out of her car and spotting him. He thinks about the bottle he's going to use to bash her on the head and...
  • Tod's disturbing rape fantasy is interrupted by the waiter. Tod sends him away again but finds himself unable to dive back into his twisted thoughts.