Study Guide

The Day of the Locust Chapter 6

By Nathanael West

Chapter 6

  • The answer, apparently, is no. Mrs. Jenning has never heard of Faye. Luckily, Tod has another plan of attack: he'll befriend Faye's father, Harry, who is currently sick and bedridden.
  • Harry was a vaudevillian clown back in the day. He often shows Tod a positive review of a show he had once done, though the reviewer carefully noted that Harry did not have a future in films.
  • These days, Harry sells "silver polish, which he made in the bathroom of the apartment" (6.15). He fell ill on a recent sales trip—the same trip during which Faye met her latest suitor, Homer Simpson. (Really, his name is Homer Simpson).
  • Homer Simpson looks like a "person who comes to California to die," though Tod eventually concludes that he isn't (6.17).
  • Tod first meets Homer when Homer stops by and drops off flowers for Faye and wine for Harry. Upon seeing Tod, Homer hands over the gifts and scurries away.
  • Tod and Homer run into each other a few days later. Tod tries to say hi, but Homer once again scurries away. They repeat this ritual several times until Homer grows comfortable with Tod's company.