Study Guide

The Death Cure Hate

By James Dashner


"Don't call us subjects. We're not mice trying to find the cheese. And tell your shuck friends to calm down—I wasn't gonna hurt you. Much." (10.28)

One cause of the Gladers' extreme hatred of WICKED is that WICKED has actually dehumanized the kids. Calling kids "subjects" to their faces is a great way to build up some nice ill will in those kids.

"Wouldn't you hate the healthy?"

"Probably," Thomas said, glad he was on the immune side of things. (20.29)

Thomas is at first confused about why people would hate Immunes. Brenda explains: if you were infected with the Flare, wouldn't you have at least a little hatred for people who were immune to it? Wouldn't you feel a bit ticked off that you weren't born that way, too?

When it came down to it, Chuck was the most vivid reason that he despised WICKED. (20.45)

This quote speaks for itself: even if the Maze—and even the Scorch Trials—made some sense on some level, the act of killing Chuck to obtain a mere brain pattern causes Thomas to have an eternal hatred for WICKED.

He keeps going and he doesn't stop, breathing in and out with the words that he hates. (21.32)

Despite working for WICKED, Thomas hated constructing the Trials. In one of his memory-dreams, a young Thomas recites the goals of WICKED, hating every word he's saying.

But all Thomas could think of was the angry boy throwing the knife that killed Chuck, that made the boy bleed to death on the ground as Thomas held him. (24.1)

Thomas hated Gally more than anyone else back in the Maze; after all, Gally was the one who killed Chuck. That changes in this book, after Thomas widens his perspective.

Any anger Thomas had felt toward Gally shifted to WICKED, feeding his ever-growing hatred for the organization. (24.6)

Though he once hated Gally's guts, Thomas gives up on that and shifts all his hatred toward WICKED when he realizes that it wasn't Gally's fault for killing Chuck. WICKED itself is to blame for all of Thomas's troubles.

"I hated you more than I'd ever hated anybody in my life. But what happened in the past doesn't matter one lick anymore. We need to talk about the future. About the end of the world." (25.18)

Putting your hatred aside for the sake of something bigger is a great way to become a "bigger person." Hatred can be a major hindrance in many (most?) situations.

Thomas suddenly hated Red Shirt as much as he'd ever hated anyone. (30.43)

Ever had that moment when hate just boils up in your blood? Like when you're in line for a coffee and the person in front of you is taking forever? Don't you just hate them more than anyone you've ever known? Yeah, Thomas is having one of these moments.

He clamped his other hand over it and backed away, glaring at Thomas with hate-filled eyes. (72.3)

Thomas's hatred for WICKED and Janson is actually returned by Janson. Let's look at it from his side: these kids are the potential means to find a cure for a disease you have, yet they refuse to let you finish the experiment. Janson hates Thomas just as much as Thomas hates Janson.

A bloodlust had completely taken Thomas over. He wiped his eyes on his sleeve, focused again on Janson's face. (72.11)

As you can imagine, hate is often channeled into other things—and in this case, it's channeled into pure violence and rage. Thomas uses all of his pent-up hatred for Janson to strangle the guy to death.