Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Eight

By James Dashner

Chapter Eight

  • Thomas, Minho, and Newt are led to a nice-looking room with a kitchenette.
  • Thomas admits that they should have all made a run for it before the guards showed up. But oh well, that's in the past.
  • Thomas tells Minho and Newt about Brenda and how she said only to trust her and Chancellor Paige.
  • Though Minho and Newt are a bit skeptical of Brenda, Thomas has the gut feeling that she's still on their team—despite the fact that it looks like she works for WICKED.
  • While the kids are eating food some people from WICKED gave them, Minho wonders out loud if they should all just go through with the Swipe. But he says it more out of agitation than anything else.
  • The boys decide they have to rebel at some point, somehow.