Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Fifteen

By James Dashner

Chapter Fifteen

  • The discussion continues. Brenda thinks it's weird that a bunch of guards would need to get new Launchers if they all have Launchers, anyway.
  • Brenda also reassures Minho that WICKED isn't trying to kill people. Even when Cranks break in, they try to show some restraint.
  • Uhh, what? Cranks break in sometimes? Minho's all like, So maybe the rest are dead, because Cranks just broke in. It's a possibility, but if it's the case, Thomas guesses things are a lot worse than they seemed.
  • Out of nowhere, Newt makes a quick comment about how things look bleak for the people who are immune. Again, he's starting to lose his sanity.
  • Minho talks back to Newt, which then sparks a fight. Newt pops Minho right in the face.
  • Great, so now the people on the same team are fighting.
  • Thomas and Brenda break them up, and Newt apologizes. He knows what's going on with his body, but he can't control it.
  • Then, just when you think things can't get any worse with Newt at the moment, he leaves the room and tells everyone he needs to go get something. Uhh, what can he possibly be fetching right now?
  • While they're waiting for Newt, Brenda tells Thomas that she was acting back in the Scorch, but only for a little bit. She swears the rest was true, and that she really does like Thomas.
  • Mer, enough with the sappy stuff. Newt comes back and asks for Thomas. Alone.
  • Crank alert. Crank alert.
  • Thomas follows, seeing that Newt isn't completely gone yet, and Newt gives him an envelope. He tells Thomas to open it when the time is right.
  • Ahhh, so it's one of those kinds of things. That's never a good sign. Let's hope it doesn't say something like, Thomas. I am your father. Love, Newt.