Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Fifty

By James Dashner

Chapter Fifty

  • Our heroes exit the van, and they're immediately taken by the boss's guards.
  • The guards make Thomas and Brenda state their names and the reasons why they just forced Lawrence to come to the headquarters.
  • After talking about Gally and the Right Arm and how he was at WICKED before, the guards let Thomas and Brenda inside.
  • Thomas and Brenda are led up a bunch of stairs and into a conference room. Gally is sitting on the right, and a really fat dude is sitting next to him.
  • After Thomas asks who's in charge, Gally laughs and assures him it's actually the fat dude, whose name is Vince.
  • Vince tells Thomas what's going on: the Right Arm is staging a lookalike operation. They're collecting immunes to mimic WICKED.
  • Turns out Right Arm is doing this so they can use these immunes to get inside WICKED's headquarters.