Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Fifty-Eight

By James Dashner

Chapter Fifty-Eight

  • So Thomas is now entering WICKED with a backpack that contains the weapon-disarming device. His way of planting it is by asking to go to the bathroom.
  • Ahh, the good old bathroom trick.
  • Somehow, the oldest trick in the book works, and Thomas plants the device in the bathroom.
  • Thomas asks Janson where Chancellor Paige is, but Janson simply says she's too busy.
  • Ahh, of course.
  • Janson leads Thomas to an unmarked door where there's a woman and a man. The woman, Dr. Wright, is the lead Psych. The man, Dr. Christensen, is the lead physician.
  • When Thomas asks Janson why he's the final candidate, Janson reveals that it was between him and Teresa. However, Thomas's rebelliousness ultimately determined his candidacy.
  • That's right: WICKED wanted him to rebel.
  • So all WICKED needs to do is restore Thomas's memories, right?
  • Er, well, not exactly. Janson says they need one more thing: Thomas's brain.
  • Greaaaaaaat.