Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Fifty-Four

By James Dashner

Chapter Fifty-Four

  • The Right Arm gives Thomas a newer van, and Lawrence is put behind the wheel again.
  • The plan is to make it to the hangar without dying. Thomas is equipped with a pistol.
  • Lawrence decides to take a highway to the hangar, seeing as it's the fastest way. On the way, he sees a bunch of cars driving in circles. Now, that's not good.
  • Lawrence thinks the best way to get through is to, well, just drive through. His co-pilot goes crazy, telling him it's a bad idea. But Lawrence does it, anyway.
  • Just as our heroes are about to thread the needle in between two of the cars, a third one crashes into the van's side, spinning the van out of control.
  • Luckily, no one is hurt. The van is pretty banged up, but our heroes should still be able to make it.
  • But then the strangest thing happens to Thomas: as he's looking outside the window, he sees a Crank about twenty feet away staring at him.
  • It's Newt.