Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Fifty-Two

By James Dashner

Chapter Fifty-Two

  • The Right Arm's secret weapon is called Charlotte Chiswell. She used to be the lead engineer for the biggest arms manufacturer in the world.
  • Chiswell has a way to render WICKED's weapons useless. Huh, isn't that nice?
  • So, basically, if Chiswell can disable WICKED's weapons, then there will be an even playing field. Hand-to-hand combat, baby.
  • Vince continues: the Right Arm has three Bergs, and they'll hand over the immunes they have now in order to look like they're part of WICKED.
  • Somehow, the Right Arm needs to get Chiswell's disabling device inside the WICKED headquarters. If they can do that, then they'll blow a hole in the wall and let everyone else in.
  • Ultimately, Vince is stuck on how they could have stopped the spread of the disease, whereas WICKED has been trying to cure the disease.
  • To be fair, a cure wouldn't be too bad. Well, if they didn't have to commit those awful crimes against humanity to those kids, that is.
  • Anyway, Vince finishes with how Thomas will come in handy after the Bergs land.