Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Five

By James Dashner

Chapter Five

  • Most of the Gladers are like yippee, our memories, but Minho and Newt aren't exactly your average Gladers. Newt tells Rat Man he wants to "see that Rat Nose smashed!" (5.5).
  • Thomas is pretty surprised at Newt's anger; he assumes they went through some pretty nasty stuff in their Phase Three.
  • In the middle of the chaos, Teresa reminds everyone that WICKED is good. Remember, this is the closing line in The Scorch Trials from Teresa, and it's also what she had written on her arm back in the Maze.
  • Aris supports Teresa, which isn't surprising: he wrote the same thing on his arm for his Maze experience.
  • Rat Man then tells everyone that they don't need to have the Swipe removed if they don't want to. Hmm, very odd, indeed.
  • Most of the group decide to have their memories returned, but Minho, Newt, and Thomas all agree that they don't trust anything WICKED promises them.
  • Rat Man leads everyone to a huge room with beds lined against the wall, each with crazy contraptions hanging over them.
  • These contraptions are designed to remove the chip in the kids' brains that inhibits them from remembering anything about their past.
  • By the way, if they go through this procedure, the Teresa-Aris-Thomas telepathy trick won't work anymore.
  • Eh, oh well. Thomas is still pretty mad at Teresa for the whole betrayal thing back in the Scorch, so he's totally okay with not being able to talk to her telepathically anymore.
  • Oh, and one more thing, Rat Man adds: most of the kids are immune to the Flare, but some of them aren't. As we learned earlier, there had to be a control group in the experiment.