Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Forty-Five

By James Dashner

Chapter Forty-Five

  • Thomas heads back to talk to his gang, and Minho is all like, Dude, who cares what she says?
  • Three of the captors then walk in with bags full of bread and water bottles. They start handing them out.
  • Minho recognizes that only one guard has a weapon. He wants to fight.
  • When a guard tries to hand Minho his bread and water, Minho refuses, then leaps onto the guy holding the Launcher. Pretty soon, everyone in the room is helping Minho disable the guards.
  • Thomas pulls out the Launcher and aims it at the three guards who are now lined up against the wall. He demands to know what WICKED's plans are.
  • One of the guards tells them they aren't part of WICKED. They work for the Right Arm.