Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Forty-Four

By James Dashner

Chapter Forty-Four

  • Before Thomas goes to talk to Teresa, Minho reminds him not to listen to a darn thing. Minho doesn't trust anyone.
  • Teresa begins by telling Thomas that they looked for his group but couldn't find them. In fact, they didn't leave Thomas behind; they thought Thomas and his group left them behind. Ahh, the miscommunications.
  • Thomas isn't having any of it. He still doesn't trust Teresa.
  • Anyway, Teresa adds that WICKED doesn't plan to stop the Trials until they get their blueprint. Despite his saltiness to her, Thomas believes her.
  • But it's also strange that Teresa agrees with Thomas about WICKED now that she has her memories back.
  • Teresa pleads with Thomas for him and his group to join back with hers and do something. But Thomas just responds, "We'll see what happens" (44.26).
  • Oof, the salt just burns right now.