Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Forty-Nine

By James Dashner

Chapter Forty-Nine

  • The plan: gun the van as fast as possible.
  • Lawrence does just that, but as he reaches the end of the crowd, the van jolts and swerves right, crashing into a wall.
  • Cranks are now attacking the van, just like zombies would.
  • One Crank woman has a shovel, and she's attacking the windows with it.
  • Another man has a sledgehammer, and he smashes the windshield, creating a giant spider web crack.
  • Oh, and people are punching the glass, too. One arm actually goes through a window.
  • Brenda hands Thomas a gun, and he goes nuts firing it.
  • Plop plop plop go the Cranks.
  • Meanwhile, Lawrence is trying to get the van loose from whatever it's stuck on. It keeps getting loose, then stuck, then loose again.
  • Finally, Lawrence seems to get the van loose as Thomas shoots yet another Crank.
  • To make the long ride from there shorter, Thomas curls up in the backseat thinking about how he just killed a bunch of people, and finally, our heroes arrive at their destination.